CWNE Essays

In response to Andrew McHale’s (@Mac_wifi) call on Twitter for CWNE’s to post their essays I decided to post mine here for future CWNE applicants to use if they are looking for examples on how to structure their essay.

I used Scott Lester’s examples (@theITRebel) from his website when I first started looking at how to approach building my essays and so hopefully Andrew’s initiative will encourage more of us to do the same. You can find more links to essays on Mr. McHale’s website –

One side note – I think sharing these helps in a couple of ways.

First – it allows applicants to see what a successful essay looks like in regards to structure/format/length/etc. When students start writing a thesis for post-grad work, they have hundreds of thousands of examples to work from (plus classes on how to write them). A 1000 word essay is a long ways from a thesis but there is some art to being concise while still getting your point across and being limited in word count means you can’t fluff your way out with sheer word count.

Secondly, the more examples that are out there the less likely that someone gets away with plagiarism. It’s tough to say it’s yours if the original copy has already been published for the world to see.

Without further ado – here are links to my three essays!

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